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            The KVK strives for promoting area specific need based farm innovations among farming communities. The Front Line Demonstrations (FLDs) on Kharif and Rabi are organised to demonstrate the efficacy of newly released production technologies of various crops on farmers’ field and to explore their maximum potential under given farming situation. FLDs on oilseeds are laid on Til during Kharif and Toria and Gobhi sarson in Rabi season.

            There has been overwhelming response of farmers to adopt the innovations highlighted in the demonstrations particularly widespread acceptance of recommended varieties coupled with integrated nutrient management and IPM practices. In the vicinity of the KVK, farmers in large number purchase seeds of newly released varieties and follow recommended practices. 


            On Farm Testing is assessment and refinement of technologies by including local farming community. The farmer’s perspective and their participation are crucial to identify and develop area specific demand driven technologies. The technology assessment and refinement is one of the most important mandate of the KVK for which “On Farm Trials (OFTs)” are being conducted.  The main objective behind technology assessment and refinement is to provide location specific technology to location specific problems for the sustainability of agriculture. The On farm trials are normally conducted for assessment of proven technology, if present technology do not work in a particular situation or are implemented for fine tuning the technology under various farming situations for understanding its suitability in the farmer’s field.

            Prior to implementation of any OFT, the KVK usually identifies the area under particular commodity and intensity of the problems in the particular farming situation by conducting PRA exercise. The concerned SMS studies the factors responsible for the problem.  The problem diagnosis is being done by the SMS by involving the farming community and adopting PRA tools.  The problem is further discussed with the farmers as well as the State Agriculture Universities/ Research stations for identifying the technological options.  Similarly results of trials and experiments at national/international level indicating solution to such problems are also being studied to give the technological option to solve their problems.   The recommendation of the NARS is also being tried for addressing to the problem by fine-tuning the existing recommendations in the OFT programme.  During the OFTs, different observations are being recorded based on the objectives of the OFT.  The OFT is usually being conducted for three years continuously and the results are communicated to research and extension system.  For conducting of OFTs, progressive Farmers identified by the KVK are being fully involved. The processing of recorded observations and results are carried out by applying suitable methods.  The results are then deliberated with the officers of line department, members of Farmers Clubs and SHGs for its dissemination among the farmers in general for its popularization and adoption.

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